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Welcome to Karen-Copenhagen.

Karen-Copenhagen.dk is a internet store, with my own design, as well as vintage kimonos from Japan, in very good condition. 
Perfect for women, who want a different, modern, cool and completely unique look. We can offer advice and styling to the costumers if there is a need.

We also carry my own first collection; 
" Karen Copenhagen" is simple styles, made with passion and love out of vintage fabric and materials, which are envionmentallyfriendly and sustainable fashion.
When you buy my designs, you also indirectly support Danish Røde Kors, Danmission, Kirkens korshær. Frelsenshær ect, which for example support the third world and poor people, because i buy most of the vintage fabric in those charity`s shop.  If you are on holiday in Copenhagen in the summertime, you can find me often on the street called Rantzausgade in front of my apartment, where i make a pop up shop from time to time. Its very cosy. My showroom is in my apartment, where you are welcome as well, just let me know when.

Our prices range from about 20 euro, up to 250  euro, depending on the type and working time of the item. 

At the moment we are in the process of posting new items in our internet shop, so new items appear every week.

We hope you will have a good experience while shopping at Karen Copenhagen.
Best Regards

Karen Copenhagen

Karen Copenhagen
Brohusgade 2 st.th
2200 Copenhagen N
telephone: 0045-52199088